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Process of Disability Claims

When you are disabled, the process of applying for disability benefits can be frustrating and confusing. The wording of insurance policies can be complicated, the documentation you are required to provide can be extensive and deadlines are easy to miss.

It can make you feel like you're jumping through endless hoops.

If you are like most of our clients, and are already dealing with disruption caused by your accident or injury, figuring your way through complicated paperwork is the last thing you want to do.

Applying For Benefits

Our lawyer will guide you through the process of making a disability claim, taking on the aggravation and worry so that you don't have to. We will help you:

Examine your policy: We can let you know what you can claim, explain terms such as own occupation/any occupation, and help you with deadlines and documentation. We can also help determine whether you are required to claim for Canada Pension Plan Disability, with your CPP payments deducted from your insurance payments.

Apply for Short-Term Disability (STD): Some employers may tell you that you don't qualify for STD or must use up your sick days before claiming it. Let us determine whether this is true under the terms of your policy.

Apply for Long-Term Disability (LTD): Once your STD is over, we can help you get LTD, helping you gather the necessary documentation.

Understand medical documentation required: In all likelihood, you will have to document your injury or illness. The insurance company may ask you to undergo tests from their own doctors to prove your disability.

Appealing Denied Or Terminated Benefits

If you are denied benefits, or your benefits are terminated before you are ready to go back to work, there is a process we can follow to help you.

First, we work with the insurance adjuster, explaining your situation

If this is not successful, we can go through their appeals process

If the appeals process is unsuccessful, we put in a claim and go through negotiation and possible mediation in order to resolve your case

If mediation does not resolve the issue, we will commence a claim before the Courts. 




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