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Business and Commercial Disputes Lawyer

Business and commercial disputes are inevitable. Although it is usually better to resolve business and commercial disputes without resort to the courts, sometimes that is unavoidable. Whether you or your business are seeking early or alternative dispute resolution or representation in litigation or arbitration, your choice of lawyers is a very important step in the process. At Niroomand law, our team of experienced lawyers enjoy a reputation for integrity, experience, and cost-effective advocacy and dispute resolution. We have an expanding practice in commercial and business litigation and arbitration.

Insurance Litigation

Insurance policies are often complicated and difficult to understand. Do not let your insurance company take advantage of you.

Most people have insurance to protect them for unforeseen losses. Insurance policies typically cover the following losses: life, theft, home, fire, water and other damages. People pay their insurance premiums with the expectation that their insurance company will act in good faith and comply with their legal obligations.

Insurers often deny reasonable and valid claims. The process of compelling your insurer to respond to your loss is difficult and stressful. When a dispute arises with your insurance company, it is important to contact Niroomand Law as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that your insurer does not take advantage of you.

Breach of Contract

When a party fails to honour a binding agreement by not fulfilling the contract this is deemed a breach of contract.

A breach of contract or agreement can be grounds for a civil lawsuit, regardless of whether the contract was oral or written. There are three important considerations that you should think about before starting a lawsuit for breach of contract:

  • First, you must be certain that a contract was made. Contracts can be made in any number of situations, ranging from a simple agreement to a complex business transaction.
  • Second, you must be able to prove that the other party breached an important term of the contract.
  • Third, you must be able to show that you suffered a loss because of the breach.
  • We understand that every time a client is engaged in a dispute, no matter how insignificant, the dispute can distract a person or organization from its core responsibilities and affect the lives and reputations of those involved.

Our lawyers know we are judged not only on how we manage a dispute but also on how well we shield our clients from the inevitable disruptions that flow from a dispute.

We engage our clients in risk-management conversations. When a disagreement does arise, we aim to resolve the dispute without the need for litigation, whether that is through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. In instances when litigation becomes unavoidable, our clients trust that we will litigate their cases with the same determination which we would litigate a case on behalf of our family and friends.

Real Estate Litigation and Latent Defects Claims

When dealing with real estate, simple disputes can quickly develop into complex issues, and require an experienced lawyer with specific knowledge and expertise in order to effectively resolve the issue.

At Niroomand Law our team has worked with local individuals and businesses as well as purchasers, vendors, landlords, tenants, builders, contractors, agents and insurers with respect to a wide variety of real estate issues. We have the experience and the business-minded approach necessary to provide efficient and effective solutions at an affordable price.


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Business and commercial disputes are inevitable. Although it is usually better to resolve business and commercial ...

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