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Your Family & COVID-19

New Family Challenges with COVID-19

Parents are looking for solutions to co-parenting agreements, which, of course, don't cover the threat of COVID-19. With the coronavirus comes a greater possibility of family disagreements. From custody to visitation to emergency plans, we can help you understand your rights and create workable solutions. 

Delays in Child Support Payments

Should you and your family be experiencing financial difficulty because support payments are late or are not being made, we can help you determine a solution to overcome the problem.

Childcare Complications 

Children are not in school right now, and this means childcare can become a critical issue for many parents. Matters may become increasingly challenging, if your former spouse/partner is not in agreement or willing to compromise with the solutions you are putting forward during this time. Our team has experience dealing with complex and contentious family law matters and we are prepared to help you find viable solutions to ensure these issues do not escalate any further than necessary. 

Parenting Agreements | Separation Agreements | Marriage Contracts 

Unfortunately, we are living in unprecedented times and out of an abundance of caution, both the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice have halted all non-emergency matters. This does not, however, mean you are out of options. Parenting Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Separation Agreements and Marriage Contracts are a cost-effective alternative to navigating the costly, lengthy and often contentious landscape of the legal system. If you have been thinking about your options, such as putting an agreement or contract together, this pause presents a particularly good time to get things done. Feel free to call our office to further discuss your matter and the best option for you at this time.  

Physical or Mental Threats

If there is an emergency in your home, such as threats to your physical or mental well-being, we can get you the information you need and provide you with the resources you require to remove yourself from a potentially harmful situation.  

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