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Your Business & COVID-19

Business Threats & Challenges

Whether your business has been suspended or temporary closed by the provincial government or not, business revenue in the Province has been dramatically reduced. The fallout is enormous. If you are a business owner and you seek assistance now, such provisions can change outcomes dramatically in the weeks and months ahead.

Landlord and Supplier Negotiation 

If you need help negotiating with landlords and/or suppliers during these tough times with a view to reaching a solution, this may allow your business to carry on, we can help you do this.

Government Assistance & Provincial Support 

If your business has faced hardship as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and you want to understand how Canada’s Economic Response Plan can assist to stabilize your business, we can guide you through the available support measures and assist you in your application process.

Revisiting Employee Contracts & Improvisation 

If you would like to understand more about your legal obligations to your employees, we can help you clarify your contractual rights and legal provisions available as an employer during these exceptional circumstances.

Better Understanding Your Rights 

If your employees are threatening you with legal action due to the need to lay them off, we can help you understand what is possible and not possible under Ontario’s Employment Standards Act. (potential link to ESA)

Extra Protection vs. Closing Down Your Business

If you are at the end of your list of ideas to save your business, there may be a legal aspect that will allow your business to survive that you are not aware of. Let us help you fully explore all of the options.

Special Landlord Challenges

If you are a landlord and your tenants are coming to you for help, we can help you understand some of the solutions that can work to your mutual benefit.

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